A Global Confluence for Creators of Regenerative Futures

Join us in the inaugural celebration of the Renaissance: a decade-long global movement bringing together (c)Evolutionary creators, systems thinkers and organizations to imagine, collaborate and co-create a world that works for 100% of life!

March 21st is a historical moment for planetary regeneration, it marks the birth of regen era: a story-universe created by the Design Science Studio to scaffold thousands of projects and ideas throughout the decade ahead for a future that is regenerative, equitable and just.

regenera Rising is a festival to showcase the work of the 144 multidisciplinary creators of the first cohort of the Design Science Studio. An entire week of talks debates immersive experiences and art to build a world that works for all

it's time for ART that changes history.

In order to access our regenĀ·era virtual world, you need to have a passcode